Pathway to Sustainability


Our Pathway to Sustainability

Like many good things in life, our packaging journey takes time. There is a fine balance between material that is suitable for the product so that it remains shelf stable, and it’s impact on the environment. We are progressing with the packaging industry by continually looking for new innovations and opportunities to find materials that not only keep our products as fresh as possible but also have a viable end-of-life solution.

We continue to focus on removing any unnecessary packaging from our products and consumables, and choose recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging wherever practical. While there is always more to strive for, we are proud of how far we have come, and the small differences our changes are making in the world.


The Australian Packaging Covenant (APCO)

We have become Brand Owner Signatories with APCO. In doing so, we are committed to:

  1. develop a strategy that includes objectives and targets for packaging sustainability that addresses the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPGs) or equivalent
  2. Incorporate the SPGs into procurement processes and use these to review our packaging to identify opportunities for improvement
  3. achieving the 2025 National Packaging Targets in our strategy
  4. using recycled content, where feasible, in our secondary and tertiary packaging used
  5. investigating opportunities to use reusable packaging
  6. assess the recyclability of our packaging through kerbside collection in Australia and/or through alternative collection systems, such as RedCycle
  7. updating our packaging to have on-pack labelling to inform correct disposal
  8. participate in a close-loop recovery program/alternative collection systems



Frequently Asked Questions

Is your packaging Resealable?

Yes, the stand up pouch bags we use have a Zip-lock to re-seal following opening, helping to keep your pack as fresh as possible

Is your packaging Recyclable?

We have made some great changes in this space over the past 24 months. All of our Muesli, Granola and Granola Bar retail packaging is made from material that can be recycled through the Red Cycle Soft Plastic Disposal System.

Unfortunately, soft plastic recycling in Australia has temporarily paused. Our soft plastic packaging carrying the REDcycle logo and/or an Australasian Recycling Label showing the packaging as conditionally recyclable is not recyclable at present. This soft plastic packaging needs to be disposed of in a garbage bin until a soft plastic recycling solution is available. We apologise for any confusion this may cause.

A small number of councils are currently trialing soft plastic recycling through the council kerbside collection system. Contact your local council to find out whether your household currently has access to soft plastic recycling.

We are committed to supporting the work being undertaken within the recycling industry, the government and the future of soft plastic recycling to resolve this issue and hope the collection will be back up and running soon.

For more information see the REDcycle website here.

Our Pancake Mix Retail Bags are not currently recyclable. We are in the process of trialing different packaging options for this range to find a more suitable alternative.

Can we buy your products in bulk to avoid any packaging?

For those who live locally, we can arrange pickup of bulk product from our facility. We also have a number of bulk wholefood stockists, where you can purchase all your favourites as well as other pantry items.

Do you have any recommendations for re-using/re-purposing your packaging?

Yes, please re-use your empty bags! Given the nature of our product, the bags are pretty easy to wipe clean once you have finished with the product inside. We store our pre-cut fruit in these bags in the freezer, ready to add to smoothies or add to pancakes. As they stand up right, but are still flexible enough to be strategically placed in even a full freezer. We also use them to store lettuce and herbs from our veggie garden in the fridge, to pack a snack for when on the road and to store sourdough! They can be used for non-food purposes also, such as keeping your kids colouring pencils in, storing those loose nuts and bolts from furniture in the garage. The possibilities really are endless.


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Autumn porridge cup

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