Quinoa, Chia & Date Porridge

700 grams NET

Organic quinoa flakes, chia and linseeds are blended with local oats to make this porridge a very healthy start to the day. Organic coconut, dates and vanilla bean give a little natural sweetness. With less than 6% sugar and full of natural goodness, you will be feeling full of energy. Warm up our scrumptious porridge blend with either, milk, water or if more adventurous, try some coconut water. Nutrition


Made on the Bellarine Peninsula

no added sugar
less than 6% sugar
nut free
very low in sodium
great for bircher

rolled oats, organic quinoa flakes (13%), linseeds, dates (rice flour) (7%), chia seeds (7%), sesame seeds, organic coconut, organic vanilla bean, cinnamon.

Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards- Silver 2019
Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards- Gold 2017
Australian Fine Food Awards- Silver 2017